pata de vaca
The Exotic Pata de Vaca
Ecuadorian Rainforest is your best source for wholesale South American ingredients. From fruits and vegetables to herbs, we carry exotic and popular fruits derived from South America, including Pata de Vaca, a staple Brazilian herbal ingredient that derives its name from its likeness to a cow's hoof. Click to find out how you can get the celebrated Pata de Vaca at wholesale prices.
Pata de Vaca's Rich History
Pata de Vaca has been used in Brazilian herbal medicine for generations. The indigenous people of South America believe Pata de Vaca is an essential herb for good health.
Flavonoids and Other Great Chemicals
Pata de Vaca contains a good number of flavanoids, namely kaempferitrin, along with alkaloids and glycosides. Others include astragalin, flavonols, and saponins.
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